.: Instruments

Burge Environmental Inc., features several different automated water monitoring systems for the determination of the following contaminants in drinking, natural and process waters.

The instrumentation is designed to allow for interface of the primary sensor, auxiliary sensor(s) and sampling methods using a “plug and play” mode of operation.  The user selects the sensors, sampling techniques and communication methods, plugs the component into the correct slot and selects the appropriate software on the computer program.  The instrument is capable of operating in the appropriate mode (signal acquisition and sample collection) with the sensors and sampling methods.

The instrument is capable of being powered by 110-volts in a laboratory environment, or solar cells (12-volts) at remote locations.


.: Automatic Operations

  • Sample collection
  • Sample analysis
  • Error trapping and self-diagnosis of operational problems
  • Self-calibration  (calibration curve, or method of standard additions)
  • Waste segregation (to reduce the amount of hazardous waste to be disposed)
  • Date reduction (data transposed onto Excel spread sheets)
  • Data transfer (data transferred directly to a user, and/or delivered to a website for real-time modeling of the data into visual graphics)

.: Auxiliary Sensors

  • Conductivity (temperature corrected)
  • pH (temperature corrected)
  • ORP
  • Ion-specific electrode (nitrate, etc.)
  • Temperature
  • Water levels in wells (up to four wells)

.: Communication Options

The automated instrument has a small microprocessor capable of performing all the operational programs (sampling, analysis, waste disposal, etc.).  The microprocessor interfaces with the user using a program loaded onto a laptop computer.  The communications between the microprocessor on the instrument and the computer can be performed in several ways listed below.  The communication options allow the deployment of the instrument at remote locations.

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