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Burge Environmental Inc. was incorporated (Arizona) in 1995 for the purpose of research, development, fabrication and marketing of analytical instruments.

.: Grants

The company has been awarded ten SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) grants for the development of analytical systems including trichloroethene (TCE) detection system (US Air Force, Phase I and II SBIR, 1990, 1991), volatile hydrocarbon (US DOE, Phase I, 2003), Strontium-90 (US DOE, Phase I STTR, 2006, Phase II STTR, September 2007), technetium-99 (US DOE, Phase I, 2007 and II STTR, 2008) uranium (US DOE Phase I, 2008 and II STTR, 2009) and iodine-129 (Phase I STTR, 2009), tritium (Phase I, 2011).  Additionally, the company received funding from the AMSI program (Advanced Monitoring Strategic Initiative), a DOE program (administered by Bechtel Nevada, NTS, Las Vegas Nevada).  The AMSI scope of work focused on the detection of hexavalent chromium. 

.: Intellectual Property & Patents

Intellectual Property

Several patents were obtained during the development of the instrumentation.  The most important patents are:

US Patent 5,708,220

The invention allows the sampling of water from deep aquifers (<100 feet below ground surface) with very low air pressures (<30 lbs).  This is important for remote field deployed systems using solar cells.

US Patent 7,170,608

The invention protects the design of a simple and inexpensive colorimetric cell for analytical instrumentation.  The cell is used in the chromium and uranium detection systems.

US Patent 7,247,278

The invention allows for the use of sorptive medias in columns for the removal of contaminants for the purpose of calibrating instrumentation.  The columns are used in the trichloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride and chromium systems.  The analysis of TCE and carbon tetrachloride would be almost impossible without this technology.  The columns may be employed with uranium.

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